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Green Brand for Global Warming and Biodiversity Loss Issues


Harnessing People Power to Drive the Repair of Our World.


Our mission is to create and maintain digital ecosystems that facilitate individuals, businesses and groups to repair the world’s environmental and social ecosystems, one documented good deed at a time.

We believe that there is great untapped potential in each motivated individual to make a difference to our environment and society. By recording, collating and uniting each “good deed” we can create a large-scale movement of repair.

There are benefits beyond the direct environmental impact of planting a tree or picking up rubbish. There are physical and mental health benefits for individuals getting outside and interacting with Nature. There are social benefits helping provide a cleaner and more resilient home for our community.

Technology and collaboration between people, businesses and groups is the best way we, as humans and as a society, are going to successfully tackle the global challenges we face today.

10% of subscriptions paid by businesses and users to use our platforms will be donated to our Not For Profit (NFP) Partner organisations to support their work. Our NFP partners’ work and purpose will align with ours in protecting and repairing our environment and biodiversity.

Our company operates as a Social Enterprise and will work towards maintaining certification with relevant bodies, such as Social Traders in Australia.

We understand and acknowledge that First Nations’ people and Indigenous Cultures worldwide have ‘Caring for Country’ as a core belief and key action, connecting them with the land and waters. It’s to be hoped that by listening to, and respecting elders and knowledge holders, we each rediscover our innate human connection with Nature and our planet, our home and place.

Welcome to – Nature’s Social Network

A digital space dedicated to environmental stewardship. We take pride in being Queensland owned, developed, and built.

At, we embarked on a journey to redefine social networking for a sustainable future. Our cloud-based platform soft-launched in February 2023, introducing a revolutionary concept: a Social Network dedicated to the environment. We recognized the need for an improved alternative to existing options plagued by marketing algorithms, privacy concerns, and a relentless pursuit of profit at any cost.

We empower individuals to showcase their positive environmental actions in real-time. Share your stories, post your pictures and videos, pin the location on the map and connect with like-minded individuals, all while contributing to repairing our world and verifying your impact. We combine the best features of traditional social media with the added bonus of collating and displaying the outcomes and impacts of your good deeds. It's free for individuals to join.

Business relies upon Nature, with half the world’s economy dependent upon environmental ecosystems. And some 85% of consumers worldwide are taking sustainability into their purchasing decisions. For businesses and organizations committed to making a difference, offers a unique platform to showcase the collective impact of employees and members through a combined storyboard, providing data and transparency in real time to stakeholders and customers alike. We believe that it's not just about profit; it's about building meaningful engagement with both your team and customers. Businesses can subscribe on an annual basis, with subscription fees dependent upon employee numbers.

Traditional volunteering rates are declining due to our increasingly busy lives and unpredictable schedules. bridges this gap by allowing you to record your good deeds, at a time and place convenient to you.

Plus, users can earn points for their good deeds and story posts. If your actions inspire others on our platform, they can show their appreciation by sending a monetary gift through Stripe, where $1 Australian equals 1 point. It's a rewarding way to make a difference and connect with a community that shares your passion for the environment.

Join us at, where social networking meets environmental consciousness. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable world, one positive action at a time.


🌱 🌍 - Where Your Actions Reshape the World!  🌻

🌟 Embark on a journey of positive change with – your gateway to making a real impact on our planet's future. 🌱

🌐 Together, Unstoppable: Imagine the possibilities when a global community unites for a shared cause. Let's write the story of our world, one green action at a time. 🌱

🌻 Join the Movement: Co-Founder Cameron Tolmie's unwavering love for the Australian Bush led to the birth of He envisioned creating a brighter world for the next generation. 🌱

📈 Track Your Impact: Watch your progress with our user-friendly tracking system. Measure the trees planted, litter removed, and habitats preserved – all contributing to a greener, cleaner planet. 🌱

📸 Empower with Evidence: Capture your eco-endeavors in action through photos and map pins. These tangible proofs become your legacy, showcasing the transformations you've sparked. 🌱

📈 Brands can use transparent real-time environmental data to boost their image, connecting with consumers as leaders in nature's restoration. 🌱

🌟 Deeds Rewarded: Every good act deserves recognition. Accumulate points for your positive contributions and shared narratives. Watch as your points materialize into real-world impact. 🌱

💲 Gifting for Growth: Inspire others and be inspired. When your actions resonate, fellow users can express their appreciation by sending monetary gifts through Stripe connect. 🌱

🌎 Be the Change: Witness the transformation as your individual actions create a ripple effect of environmental goodness. From cleaning up local streams to planting trees, every contribution matters. 🌱

🌏 Your Legacy Awaits: isn't just a website; it's a movement for a healthier planet for today and tomorrow. 🌱

🌿 Visit and join today where your actions leave a lasting imprint. Join us in crafting a sustainable legacy for generations to come. 🌏 🌿


Cameron Tolmie (Co-Founder) has always been passionate about the environment and Australia’s unique and vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems. He had the idea for the Green Brand platform whilst walking along a Brisbane park pathway and noting that virtually everyone carried their smart phone whilst walking in the urban bush. The platform can be thought of as a digital evolution of the 1980s “Adopt a Highway” program for caring for our urban green spaces. He grew up and went to school in Toowoomba and then completed a pharmacy degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) in 1991. He spent some 22 years in the pharmacy industry in Australia and the UK, including owning and running his own pharmacy in Brisbane. After selling the pharmacy and completing a Degree in Business Management at USQ he worked almost 10 years at a Big Four bank running a team in the post credit approvals area. He left his corporate job in August 2022 to dedicate fully to

He has two daughters and is often found with secateurs removing invasive vines from Brisbane’s trees. He loves sport but tortures himself by supporting the QLD Reds and Wallabies Rugby teams.

Soyun Yoon (Co-Founder) is a self-taught full stack developer who has brought the idea to life via her skills in Ruby on Rails, Javascript and AWS. She has been active in the IT industry for the past two decades in South Korea and Australia.

She enjoys her time with her dogs and chickens.

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Welcome to and thank you for reading. The platform has been four years in the making and we soft launched among friends in Feb 2023. The platform is about doing good environmental deeds, each one contributing to Biodiversity. It's about businesses being Nature Positive, having engaged employees and happy customers knowing exactly what is being done to help repair our world. I'm excited to announce that 10% of Business subscriptions will be donated to our Not For Profit (NFP) Partners. Our first NFP recipients are the wonderful Queensland Trust for Nature. Liz, Sarah and the team do wonderful work all over QLD. Biodiversity is their Business. Please spend some time checking them out!

Written by Cameron Tolmie on 16, Apr 2023 at 02:27, Sunday